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Warrandyte River Reserve, Warrandyte

Category: Parks - VIC, Walking Trails - VIC

Warrandyte River Reserve offers a terrific walk through the scenic Warrandyte bushland, right next to the Yarra River. Families flock to the river on warm days to let their children and dogs swim, or relax with on a raft or kayak. We park at Stiggant’s Reserve and follow the trail, learning about native bush inhabitants and iconic Warrandyte-based artists from the Heidelberg School of the early 20th century. Best of all, virtually all of this walk is an off leash zone so your dog can delight in running into the river and bounding back to the trail as he wishes. Just watch the odd horse trotting through! Hint: This walk continues further than you might think. After you walk under the bridge and come to the timber staircase, leash your pup again, walk up the stairs and past the carpark, and continue the walk through the bush.

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