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Welcome to Thornbury, Thornbury (VIC)

Category: Restaurants - VIC
dog-friendly restaurant, welcome to thornbury

Welcome To Thornbury (WTT) is Melbourne’s First Permanent Bar and Food Truck Stop. Located at 520 High Street, Northcote Welcome to Thornbury combines a 700 person bar, one of Melbourne’s largest outdoor Beer Gardens and a rotating roster of up to 7 Food Trucks each night.

We are dog friendly & even have a dedicated day for the dogs,

The 3rd Thursday of every month for GOOD DOGS OF DAREBIN we have Good Dog Behaviour & Training, promoting & encouraging appropriate training and socialisation and the role these two things play in boosting more dog-friendly pubs, cafes and outdoor spaces in the community.

Come say hi & don’t forget to bring your best mate!

Thanks to Bella for telling us about WTT – something tells me she’ll be the first to greet your pupper upon arrival.

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