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Bunnings Warehouse, Australia-wide

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bunnings dogs allowed

I ummmed and aaahed about whether we put Bunnings on the site, but we ultimately decided to do it, if for no other reason to spread their pet policy.

It’s awesome that pets are allowed, and it’s unfortunate that they can’t be as free as we’d like them to be, but unfortunate events, poor etiquette and a public liability issue waiting to happen has meant that whilst dogs are allowed in Bunnings Warehouse outlets, it’s required that they wear a muzzle.

The policy taken from their website (on date of publishing) has the following statement which excludes assistance doglets:

Pets are permitted if:
– Secured safely in a vehicle
– On a lead and wearing a muzzle
– Carried.

Just in case it changes, here’s the link to the store entry information page.

Muzzles aren’t my kinda thing, but it’s a reminder that we all should be mindful of others when taking poochie with us, and assess whether their temperament is suitable for the environment.

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