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Virgin Australia Airline

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It’s not quite like in the US where dogs (under 9kgs) can travel in the cabin with their owner, but Virgin Australia does offer travel services for pets on both their domestic and international flights. If you call up as well they will do their best to ensure they are on the same flight as you.


Conditions of Pet Travel

Pets travel in the cargo hold, except for authorised Assistance Dogs.

To travel with us, your pet must:

  • Appear to be in good health
  • Not be unduly aggressive
  • Be over 8 weeks old. This is due to possible dehydration while travelling. For dogs or cats under 12 weeks old, we recommend you obtain a veterinary certificate, as some breeds are more susceptible to dehydration.
  • Be housed in a container which complies with the Virgin Australia guidelines for pet containers
  • If travelling into Tasmania, your dog must be treated for the Hydatids Tapeworm prior to arrival

Find out more on the Virgin Australia website


Oh, and your dog can also be part of the Virgin Frequent Flyer program!

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