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10 Necessary Behaviours for Dog Park Visitors

Category: Etiquette, Parks - NSW, Parks - VIC

Our pets can bring us a lot of peace, so its important to extend that peace on to those around us especially at a dog park where things can get exciting – balls thrown, things to chance, freeeedooommm! We all want a good experience at the park – a dog who fetches, comes back, doesn’t jump, stays within the ‘boundaries’ – but the reality is, that doesn’t always happen.

Here are some rules, guidelines and realities think about:

1. Always pick up your dog’s poop promptly
2. Be fair on new dog owners
3. Address the owner first
4. Don’t encourage dogs to jump, even if they are so damn cute
5. Not all owners use treats and some dogs have allergies, ask the owner first
6. If your dog is jumping on someone, apologise and guide them away (quickly)
7. If someone’s dog is jumping on you, be firm and gentle in guiding them off
8. If you’re in a dog park, you’ll get dirty and you may lose a ball (toy)
9. Some dogs fight – know when this is happening and what to do
10. Some dogs only sound like they are fighting – again, know when this is happening and what to do

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