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Best Dog Breeds For Inner-City Living And Apartments

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With more and more Aussie urbanites wanting dogs (some, instead of kids), it’s important to ensure they know what dogs breeds suit that lifestyle. And we know that not all dogs can live the inner-city life.

While some breeds possess an appropriate attitude, personality, and conviviality of inner-city living, others need spacious homes in the outskirts, where there is plenty of room to wander around in the vast outdoors. It can be difficult to choose a furry companion while living in a city flat or apartment, therefore, we have gathered a list of five dog breeds that are capable of adapting easily to a busy metropolis environment.

It may be surprising to include this large dog breed in our list, but Mastiffs are actually awesome companions for inner-city living. In fact, it is the largest dog breed in our list.

They do not need specifically intensive exercise, but Mastiffs do need casual walking daily. This should not be an issue if you live near a park. Make sure you reside in a flat with a working lift as they struggle with stairs. Despite their big size, they adapt well in little spaces. Mastiffs have short hair, so you do not need to worry about a “hairy” flat.

Popular for their vibrant personality, this dog breed is another favourite by celebrities. Pugs are probably the most docile in our list.

These lazy dogs need a low amount of exercise, you can walk them outside or just let them play indoors. They have an implacable quality that matches their laziness, making them challenging to housetrain and at risk of medical conditions.

Celebrity owners usually bring their pet Chihuahuas along in small handbags, and they seem to not care at all. This is an obvious choice for a person who can’t be running around with their dog.

They do not require much running. Look at their short legs, they could get easily tired just by running around the living room! Their size does not need a big space as well, but they can be loud and yappy, which can lead to some neighbour complaints. They only need some basic grooming like nail clipping and bathing since they are short-haired.

Another surprising breed in our list, Greyhounds are formerly known as racing dogs. They also need a medium-level of exercise, not less than 30 minutes a day. They are already pleased to just rest while you are at work.

Although they do not need a large space to live in, their strength allows them to easily knock things over. For their grooming needs, Greyhounds are low maintenance and only experience light shedding.

Shih Tzu
Do not be fooled by their small size, as they are oftentimes considered as brave and insubordinate. Like Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus only require a low amount of exercise. The only downside is they need constant grooming due to their long coat. Although it may not be an issue if you like giving them attention, it is not ideal for dog lovers who are always away for work.

Though Shih Tzus deal well with small spaces, they are not adaptable with extreme temperatures. Make sure to have a temperature regulator if you live in a city with extreme temperatures.